Kid centric

We understand that a healthy lifestyle starts with the habits we develop in childhood. By giving kids the power to choose their own lunches. TuckrBox empowers kids to discover new foods and develop their own tastes, giving them the skills to make healthy choices for life.

Nutritious & Delicious

TuckrBox makes lunch healthy and FUN! Every TuckrBox is hand-made by our team of chefs, who develop creative, tasty recipes to get kids excited about eating healthy and trying new things. Plus, all our lunches are co-designed by dieticians to ensure that every meal is nutritionally balanced for healthy growing kids!


We're talking farm-fresh school lunch delivered to your doorstep; meaning more time for fun with your kids. We know parents spend hundreds of hours per year buying food, preparing meals and navigating nutritional needs. For grown ups, nutritious, easy lunch options already exist, now TuckrBox provides a convenient solution for kids!